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Infantile ColicOf all the health challenges that seem to plague infants, Colic is the one that causes the most upset. It can drive mommy to tears just as fast as the child.
All the common over-the-fence neighborly and family advice seems to be of no avail. Colic tends to start in infancy around the second or third week of life and can last for months, at any time of the day or night, with no apparent rhyme or reason.

Colic is characterized by constant crying, screaming, whining, pain in the stomach area, and acute irritability. The constant crying can lead to a condition called Aerophagia – the swallowing of air.

Aerophagia causes swelling of the bowels which creates more pain, causing more crying, causing more Aerophagia, and so forth. One big cause for infantile Colic is often the vertebral subluxation. Simply put, it’s a misalignment of spinal vertebrae which causes a restriction of one or more nerve pathways emanating from the spinal cord and which controls bowel function. This can cause food to stick around in the large intestine longer than it should, and can cause an uncomfortable quantity of gas to build up in the child’s digestive system. Thus the crying, the baby’s only way to ask for help.

Children with Colic generally show wonderful response to the hands of a chiropractor. Most often, results are seen within the first week of care, but the treatment must be focused on the correction of the subluxation which is the root of the problem. If you or someone you know has a child with Colic, refer them to Dr. Terri Bonner in Palm Beach Gardens, a chiropractor with pediatric experience, to have a spinal check-up right away.


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