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Wellness & Chiropractic Resource Library

Welcome to our wellness resource library, where we embark on a journey towards holistic health and well-being. Here, you’ll discover insightful articles, expert tips, and valuable resources aimed at empowering you on your path to optimal wellness. Whether you’re seeking advice on chiropractic care, lifestyle tips for a healthier you, or simply looking to expand your knowledge on holistic health practices, our library is your go-to destination. Join us as we explore the intersection of mind, body, and spirit, and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

The Epidural

Many moms will say that they had “natural childbirth” with their children – but they also had an anesthetic! Mothers have been led to believe that as long as they had a vaginal birth, and their eyes are open, it’s a “natural delivery.” Nothing could be farther from...

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Treating Torticollis

Torticollis, also known as “wry neck”, is a symptom defined by an abnormal, asymmetrical head or neck position with the head tilted to one side, which may be due to a variety of causes. Congenital torticollis (present at birth) may occur if the baby's head was in the...

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Ten Reasons to Take Healthy Children to Chiropractors

Ever may wonder why more and more children are starting to see chiropractors like Dr. Terri Bonner at Destiny Chiropractic? That’s a good question and the answer is simple. Whether we have a large spine or a tiny little spine, if that spine is creating distress on the...

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A Chiropractic Response To Tummy Troubles

At Destiny Chiropractic, Dr. Terri Bonner sees many people with digestive problems. Many of these patients feel that rectal bleeding is normal, that blood in the stool is OK, and that missing school or work because of these things is just a way of life. We hate to...

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Preventing (and fixing) Scoliosis

Your child has just come home from school with a note from the nurse stating he or she may have scoliosis. Your initial reaction is one of panic, followed by guilt. This seems to be a fairly common scenario. Most parents do not know what scoliosis is, how to detect...

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What Is A Vertebral Subluxation?

Vertebral subluxations can occur without immediate or detectable pain but still cause devastating effects on your posture and general health. • A structural misalignment • A joint not moving properly • A nerve that is impaired Research has proven that subluxations...

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Headaches? Don’t Reach for Aspirin

The most common reason people seek chiropractic care here in Palm Beach Gardens is for headaches. When you have a headache, your eyes hurt, your forehead pounds, your neck is painfully tight and your scalp feels as if it is being slowly removed. Lights bother you and...

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Infantile Colic

Of all the health challenges that seem to plague infants, Colic is the one that causes the most upset. It can drive mommy to tears just as fast as the child. All the common over-the-fence neighborly and family advice seems to be of no avail. Colic tends to start in...

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Excellence Comes From Time, Frequency And Intensity

Olympic Performances, Flawless Ballet, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Collegiate Excellence, Optimal Dental Hygiene, nothing of lasting excellence can be achieved by avoiding the required, time, frequency & intensity. Here at Destiny Chiropractic in Palm Beach Gardens,...

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The Eye-Spine Connection

Much research has been done on the connection between the cervical spine and vision problems. Q:  I was a forceps baby, and I’ve always wondered if this could have caused the eyesight problems I’ve had since childhood.  Is this possible? A:  It is not only entirely...

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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Dizziness?

Dizziness (also known as vertigo) is a condition Dr. Terri Bonner sees quite often at Destiny Chiropractic. Vertigo can have a number of causes, but the most common are (1) ear infections, (2) low blood sugar, (3) a subluxation of a cervical vertebre. For ear...

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Are You Dealing With Childhood Ear Infections?

Here in Palm Beach Gardens, we hear a lot about childhood ear infections (otitis media). This, of course, very frightening to parents, mostly because they appear suddenly, usually at night, with little warning. The most common treatments used for ear infections are...

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A Chiropractic Approach To Asthma Attacks

Most likely, someone you know well suffers from asthma or difficulty in breathing. While breathing, your body takes in air which passes through the nose, the windpipe and the bronchi. It is then filtered, purified, cleansed, warmed and humidified before it enters your...

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Childhood Arthritis & Spinal Degeneration

Most people think that arthritic conditions only affect the elderly, but the sad reality is that we at Destiny Chiropractic see a large number of children in the North Palm Beach area with the beginnings of osteoarthritis - spinal degeneration.  Cell phones, hand-held...

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Common Symptoms of Vertebral Subluxation

Your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ of your body; Vertebral subluxations (vertebra out of their normal position) affect the function of your nervous system. This results in the areas that are supplied by those nerves having...

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Cervical Degeneration

Like a cavity progresses and enlarges until a root canal is needed instead of a filling, a subluxation also progresses. Unlike a cavity, however, pain may not be the only symptom, and most often isn’t the first symptom. When a subluxation begins in your neck, your...

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Lumbar Degeneration

Like a cavity progresses and enlarges until a root canal is needed instead of a filling, a subluxation also progresses. Unlike a cavity, however, pain may not be the only symptom, and most often isn’t the first symptom. When a subluxation begins in your lower back,...

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Dealing With Fertility Issues?

Recently, infertility specialists have been focusing on factors outside of the reproductive system in order to solve the puzzle of infertility. More and more centers for infertility are partnering with acupuncturists, yoga centers and other stress reduction or...

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