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Headaches? Don’t Reach for Aspirin

  1. Types of Headaches
  • The most common reason people seek chiropractic care here in Palm Beach Gardens is for headaches. When you have a headache, your eyes hurt, your forehead pounds, your neck is painfully tight and your scalp feels as if it is being slowly removed.

    Lights bother you and noise sets your teeth on edge.  Then there are kids, the house, the dinner, the spouse and all the other daily demands of life. Sometimes you’d like to just stop the world and just get off!

    Headaches have been sold to the public as a disease to be treated. Millions (if not billions) of dollars in advertising are spent annually on the benefits of drugs for headaches. But let’s look at this from a different perspective. The word “headache” simply means ache in the head. It is not a disease.

  • It is a pain – a symptom. The pain is your body talking to you and you need to interpret that language as possibly a mineral deficiency, a chemical imbalance, or nervous system malfunction.

    Dr. Terri Bonner has found that many headaches point to a distortion of vertebrae in the neck area. This “distortion” is called a “subluxation,” a misalignment of vertebrae in the spine which can affect the proper function of the nervous system. No headache should be taken lightly.

    Something is not right, so much so, that your body is literally screaming for attention using the only language it has.  A trip to the  chiropractor will provide a comprehensive examination to help determine the reason for your headaches and plan to correct whatever problem is the cause.

Types of Headaches

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