Chiropractor services for pregnancy and fertility

Need assistance for a smooth uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby?

It’s important to have your baby checked by a chiropractor to determine if stress from the birth process caused any misalignment in the spine.

  • The nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body, including the development of a growing baby. When the bones in the spine misalign, they reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the nerves that control everything. Imagine what would happen if the nerves going to the uterus were functioning at less than 100%. Would you be fine with your baby receiving less than everything it needed? Chiropractors help restore normal function to the nervous system by restoring normal spinal function.

    Pregnancy is one of the most amazing things a human being can experience. The opportunity to pass on life is exciting, but some concerns and/or fears, especially regarding the health of the mother and baby, can get in the way. Dr. Bonner is dedicated to helping women have the best experience possible with the greatest health outcomes for mother and baby.

  • The proper alignment of the pelvis is essential for the normal position of the baby and an easier delivery. Any misalignment of the pelvis can create torsion in the uterus, contributing to in-utero constraint, which prevents the baby from moving freely.

    If the baby can’t get into the ideal position, labor is more difficult and less likely to result in a natural delivery. There are specialized chiropractic techniques used to restore normal function of the pelvis so the baby can get into the ideal position for birth.

    Many women benefit from shorter labors, less pain, less interventions, and increased satisfaction with their birthing experience while under chiropractic care.

Thousands of women use chiropractic during their pregnancy to improve their health and birthing experience.

As long as your nervous system is able to communicate effectively with every organ, tissue, cell, nook and cranny of you, you should have the very best health you have ever had in your life.

Dr. Terri