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Your child has just come home from school with a note from the nurse stating he or she may have scoliosis. Your initial reaction is one of panic, followed by guilt.

This seems to be a fairly common scenario. Most parents do not know what scoliosis is, how to detect it, or what to do about it.  At Destiny Chiropractic, in Palm Beach Gardens, Dr. Terri Bonner sees many children with this condition.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. When examined from the back, it is bent sideways compared to a normal straight spine, and it can damage a child’s health in a number of profound ways. In advanced cases, it tends to place abnormal pressure on the heart and lungs. After all, a curved back would deform the rib cage as well. It can also lead to the development of advanced arthritis in the areas of the spine under maximum stress.

Posture is affected; clothing doesn’t hang properly; athletic ability is compromised. Other complications are too numerous to mention. Ultimately, it is a situation best avoided by early screening and correction – the earlier, the better. But don’t let anyone tell you that scoliosis cannot be corrected because it can be.  Here’s why.

Scoliosis is usually the “symptom” of the problem, while misaligned vertebra (subluxations) is the “cause” of the problem. The subluxation is the true threat to the child’s health, well being and future functionality as an adult. Dr. Terri Bonner is primarily concerned with avoiding these issues via the optimal function of the nervous system throughout the growing years. All children should be checked by a chiropractor with pediatric experience.

Preventing- Scoliosis

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