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What Is A Vertebral Subluxation?

  • Vertebral SubluxationVertebral subluxations can occur without immediate or detectable pain but still cause devastating effects on your posture and general health.
    • A structural misalignment
    • A joint not moving properly
    • A nerve that is impaired

  • Research has proven that subluxations reduce nerve flow by at least 60% before you even feel a symptom. Subluxation, like tooth decay, heart disease or cancer, eats away at you long before you get a symptom or signal of its presence.

    What Is The Solution?
    Learn to check your posture. Posture gives you a window into your body even before symptoms arise.

    And, call Dr. Terri Bonner’s office for a free screening and . . . GET ADJUSTED !!

What Are The Results?

    • Loss of nerve flow to your organs
    • Lack of communication to and from your brain & body
    • Degeneration/arthritis
    • Lack of circulation to joints
    • Eventual pain & even organ failure
    • Fatigue
    • Irritability


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