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Childhood Ear InfectionsHere in Palm Beach Gardens, we hear a lot about childhood ear infections (otitis media). This, of course, very frightening to parents, mostly because they appear suddenly, usually at night, with little warning.

The most common treatments used for ear infections are antibiotics, decongestants, and tympanostomy (tubes in the ears.) You may be surprised to find that the benefits of all these remedies are highly questionable.

Dr. Terri Bonner experience has shown her that ear infections can be a malfunction of the immune system, resulting in a lowered resistance. In other words, the child’s immune system is not able to fight off or prevent the infection. Besides, if your child’s infection is caused by a virus, antibiotics won’t help the problem, but will have other adverse side effects. Plus they prevent the body from developing a strong immune system. Tubes in the ears may temporarily address the symptom, but not the underlying cause.

Your best, safest solution is to ensure your child’s immune system is working at its optimum level. A pediatric chiropractor can make sure your child’s spine is aligned so that their nervous system is functioning at its highest level. This will give the immune system its best chance for optimum development.

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We understand the importance of chiropractic care for the whole family and have created an ideal healing environment for all family members. We use advanced technology to objectively measure the relationship between your spine and nervous system.

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