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Wellness – Let the Body Do the Work

  1. Let the Body Do the Work
  • We, as parents have been conditioned to be fearful whenever a child exhibits the manifestations of being “sick.” So have our children.

    By the time your teenager reaches the age of twenty, he or she has watched approximately 18,000 hours of drug commercials! Disturbing, isn’t it? This is because there is very little profit in actual health – but a massive profit in “health care,” more accurately described as “SICK Care.” The reason: profits. These companies exist to profit their investors. You (we) are just the means to their end. Have you read the lists of side effects of pharmaceutical drugs?  Some are necessary, don’t get me wrong.

    Alleviating symptoms can be helpful, but the practice becomes counter-productive when the CAUSE of the problem isn’t addressed. This is when “health care” becomes “sick care.” And regarding children: We’ve been carefully led to believe that it’s wise to treat all of your child’s symptoms. But a symptom is simply an indication that the body is actively and naturally dealing with the problem by itself.

  • At this point, the nervous system, that amazing master control mechanism of the body, goes into high gear in order to restore law and order within the body. It carries the signals that prompt internal “drug” production which is carried to the needed spot by the circulatory system. Certain bodily systems are re-routed, enhanced, altered, or combined, all under the perfect guidance of the super-computer that runs you. There are instances though when the body needs a little bit of help. But if the battle is not being lost, it’s a good idea not to interfere.

    However, it’s a GREAT idea to allow your child’s body to learn how to deal with a health crisis on its own, and that is possible only when their nervous system is working properly. The one fantastic thing all parents can do is to have your child checked by Dr. Terri Bonner at Destiny Chiropractic, a chiropractor with pediatric experience. Maintaining the child’s nervous system will help ensure the body’s “signal system” is up and running at peak efficiency.

Let the Body Do the Work

This is true HEALTH care. And, by the way, it’s works for grown-ups too.

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